Inputs from Clients & Scope Definition

To begin with, we figure-out from you the goals you want your new website to fulfill. It helps us identify the scope of your project–what web pages and features the new site needs to fulfill those targets, and also the actual timeframe for developing those out.

Site Architecture

Then, we start diving deep into the sitemap, defining the way the content and features we identified in scope definition will actually interrelate.

Content creation

Afterwards, with a bigger picture of the site on radar, we begin creating quality content for the different pages, always keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) our priority so that the pages continue to be centered on a single subject.

Visual Design

Moving on to the next stage, we begin working on the visual brand. Though you could already have it well-defined, you may, perhaps, like us to define the visual style–right from the beginning–for you, for a better result.


Moving on to the business end of the process, we now combine the manual browsing of your site on many different gadgets with automated site crawlers to categorize the whole thing—right from user experience subjects to the regular broken links.


Now it’s time to plan and implement your site launch! Here, we include planning, both launch timing and communication tactics; for example, we decode when you will launch your site and how you will prefer to inform the world about it.