The painful but rewarding new product development process is basically an ever developing testing platform where don’t be surprised if errors crop-up, designs fail to impress, and losses keep surfacing. But with us onboard, you don’t have to worry about theses as our team will work in perfect harmonization to make the successful launch of your product certain. We well know that productivity during product development can be attained ONLY if targets are defined in clear words along the way.

We follow this 8-step process for developing new innovations:


Using fundamental internal and external SWOT analyses, and also the latest marketing trends, we take an outside view of our competition to remain detached but incisive. At this stage, our focus is on affordability, ROI, and extensive distribution costs.

Scrutinizing the Ideas

Next, we examine the different ideas to know which of these are worth pursuing. We make efforts to find out where the marketing messages will work in the most fruitful way. We also seek answers to the question–does the consumer understand, need, or want the product or service?

Business Analytics

Moving on to the third step, we employ metrics to check progress. We include input metrics, including average time taken in every stage, and also output metrics to understand the value of the launched products, percentage of new product sales, and other figures that give precious feedback. We know that it’s vital to be in agreement for these measures and metrics. We also know that even if an idea doesn’t turn eventually into a product, it pays to nurture it because it may turn out to be a valuable benefit for the future products, and a platform for future learning and development.

Afterwards, with a bigger picture of the site on radar, we begin creating quality content for the different pages, always keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) our priority so that the pages continue to be centered on a single subject.

Beta/Marketability Tests

Arranging private tests groups, coming-up with beta versions, and then forming test panels, post the product or products have been tested, helps us provide you with priceless information enabling improvements and changes at the last moment.

Technicalities & Product Development

Here, we help you sharpen the technicalities after beta testing with the decisive database preparations, evaluation of server resources, and planning automated logistics. We know that it’s important for you to know your technicalities inside out while you move ahead.


At this crucial stage, your new product developments are out for the world to see and gain from, and your consumers are buying your goods or services even as technical support is constantly examining the progress.

Post Launch Appraisal and Ideal Costing

Lastly, we evaluate the NPD process efficiency. We know that majority of new products are made available with introductory costs, and final costs are decided ONLY after customers have got a taste of these.