January 28, 2021

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It’s rather astounding that several websites still look like they were developed a decade or so back. With the new technology and the website tools that we have today–to create professional-looking websites that produce leads– there’s no cause you shouldn’t harness your website to give your visitors a better user experience, and grow your business further.

5 Design Tips

These tips will improve your site and give your visitors a better user experience while pushing them further on their buying journey!

1. Use White Space–Lots of It

White space is necessary to good design though it takes up valuable space because it makes your content more readable while also allowing your site’s users to focus on the different important elements surrounding the text. As per a study report, white space around text and titles boosts user attention by almost one-fifth. It also makes your website look more professional, open, brand new, and modern.

2. Optimize the Speed of Your Pages

A major reason behind the not-too-good experience of many users of the web is cooling their heels for a page to load for an extended period of time. With the growing use of mobile gadgets, now more and more people are accessing content on several different platforms.

While browsing online or while watching TV or accessing content on their laptop, they don’t wish to wait for too long for the content that they are interested in. And, when that doesn’t happen, they more often than not bounce. Slow page load is a disrupting experience for the users and it irritates them. As per a study report, an additional 5 seconds of page load time may boost your website’s “bounce rate” by over 20%. So, optimize your webpage’s speed. Make it a priority!

3. Don’t keep Your Visitors Waiting–Answer Queries Right Away

When online visitors check your website, they wish to find out if it has what they’re hunting for, and if it’s worth checking. In case you don’t have the right answers to their questions, they’ll rapidly leave for a different (perhaps, your rivals’) site. Not a nice thing, right? So, have all the right answers ready, right?

4. Put Calls-to-Action Buttons on Every Page

Bringing visitors to your site may not be tough but motivating them to take the action you want them to take could be a somewhat difficult job. But you can make that easy with CTA signs and buttons. Put them on every page to inform and inspire your prospective clients to do what you want them to do. Help them make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter.

5. Get Rid of Needless Content

Contrary to what many people may claim–and believe–a huge amount of content may not much help. In several cases, less could be more. With less content, you can have a better engagement with your clients and prospects and improve your site’s overall appearance as well. When you have less content on your site, it looks clutter-free, smooth, professional, and direct. So, remove all superfluous content. Make your website design better and effective.